Backstage at Project Runway with Sally Beauty

Did you catch last night's episode of Project Runway? Well here's the recap if you didn't... The contestants were split into teams, they got into a huge paintball fight, Blake hid so he didn't get dirty, the teams used their paintball uniforms as fabric for their challenge and the designers had to create a modern nail design to match their outfit. SPARTY! was on set to execute the designers vision - 12 models, 120 nails, 16 hours and about 20 touch ups later,  the models looked flawless as they walked down the runway! Congratulations to my girls Casandra, Ke'Na, Maria and Yolanda for creating beautiful nail designs for each of the models. We loved meeting the one and only Alicia Torello! Thank you Sally Beauty and Project Runway for a fun and amazing opportunity! And yes, Heidi Klum is even more gorgeous in person!

Alexis UflandComment